Tuesday, December 18, 2007

learning (& relearning) a new trick...

I attended a really interesting class this past week. It was about sustainable living on a budget. Very, very fascinating. Here is her website, http://www.sustainablebudget.com/. Some of what was taught I already apply in our life here on the 'farm'. Alot of the rest I am beginning to or striving to apply. It is all about shrinking our consumerism not only for the environments' sake or to decrease our spiral into debt for things that mean nothing but for the sake of our spiritual sanity. What are we focused on in our lives? What is the quality of life within our family and how can we make it better?
She had us watch a video also, which I had already watched on Dr. Mercola's site but was still excellent to watch again and probably one or two more times wouldn't hurt!!! It is called the Story of Stuff and everyone should watch this eye opening tidbit.
You can find it here....www.thestoryofstuff.com.....awesome, watch it!!!!
I am also working most plastics out of our home and moving back into my old habits of applying the principles in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. A book all should read and learn. Very informative. I will continue to add my tidbits of learning on here as I return to what I know and add new knowledge gleaned from this wonderful resource. I will begin to soak my grains starting tomorrow. Then they are always on hand to make a wonderful, filling and tasty meal. I just wish there was a place to get raw cow milk around here. My family won't do goat milk after a few days. It tastes too goaty and we are spoiled with the sweetness of cow milk. I miss that fresh cream!!! So rich and wonderful!!! There are several places up in the Puget Sound area but, alas, none available close to us.... I will continue to seek out a supply around here. I must, I must!!!

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