Sunday, January 25, 2009

Much too long!!

It has been far too long since I have posted on here. Much has changed in our lives over the past year. We moved this past summer to a bigger home (Yay!!) but on a smaller piece of property ( not so yay...). We are loving the extra space in this home, especially the girls, who were all in one tiny room. It backs to green space so, that helps us to not feel so claustrophobic. We all really miss the acreage, though, and desire to get back on acreage again.
We are expecting our 10th blessing any day now. In fact, he is a week "over due" tomorrow. My babies have always been a bit on the late side, so I am not concerned, just getting a bit uncomfortable. We are excited and anxious for him to get here, though!!!
Our oldest turned 20(!!!) on the 23rd. It is so hard to believe that my first baby has grown up so quickly. When I look at mothers who are frustrated or short tempered with their littles (myself included), I really just cringe. Your time with them as littles, teaching them and helping them, is just so very short. You just don't realize it when you're in the middle of diapers, feedings and toddlers!!
I plan on utilizing my blog more to gather information that has been helpful to me as a wife, mother and homemaker. I want to build a ready resource for myself, my daughters and anyone else who needs it. I hope what I post is helpful.
Have a blessed week!!!