Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Sweet Baby Boy!!

I want to present our newest blessing, Gabriel Landon. Isn't he just adorable?
He was a wonderful birth. Definitely one of my easiest. I had five hours of labor and about nine contractions. The last two contractions, when my water broke and when he arrived, were the only really painful ones that I experienced. I wish all of my labors had all been like that!!! We delivered him in a birthing tub which, if you can use it, is amazing with natural birth.

Our midwife, the amazing Megan, went out to do some paper work while we were waiting for more contractions to kick in. Little did we know, the next contraction would be delivering that sweet bundle of joy!!! We had to wait two weeks past his due date to meet him but we all know that 'due date' is a very subjective term. I am just thrilled to have him here. All of you moms out there know just how that feels, finally getting to hold that beautiful baby and smell that sweet baby smell!! That is such a wonderful smell. It has always amazed me that babies can come from where they come from and smell so incredibly sweet. God's creation is truly wonderful!! Is there a more powerful way to connect than with the sense of smell?? I wish I could bottle it so I could smell it on those days when I am having a baby craving! ;D